Monday, December 13, 2010

Monkey Business

Today, my office came under a monkey attack. Well, in the end the monkey might challenge my claim, because ultimately it was the poor monkey which was under attack! Poor fellow!

As I stood there, watching the minor tamasha unfold, between puffs of Gold Flake and shivers, I wondered at the enormous contradictions we happily live in. The same monkey, beaten and treated as an unnecessary troublemaker by the security guards and our caretaker, would be revered by these very folks once they pass the hanuman temple down the street! Now, that's some contradiction, isn't it!

But then, it is not uncommon one might have observed. Our behavior seems to show remarkable flexibility under situations, especially of those who seem to be the most rigid in their views of life and stuff! I wonder why it is so? Rules and principles are built to aid us under duress. Then why do they change so rapidly? Perhaps you will call me stupid. Maybe its obvious! And if it is so, and we still do not put a stop to it then aren't we all stupid?

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