Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monkey and Sheila ki Jawani

So, my office came under a monkey attack last night, much to the dismay and panic of the hundred odd employees in the night shift. Well, a monkey isn't actually a thrilling proposition in an office, but what amazed me what a barely three feet creature could do to a hundred odd city bred folks!

Anyways, I was discussing the same with my colleague today and we had a good laugh about it. The driver quipped in- Well sir, its the same with cows as well. On one hand cows are worshiped, and on the other hand they are left to fend for themselves when they grow old and cannot give milk any more. All along, you will see cows standing on garbage heaps, chewing trash. That's not the way to treat your God! He was quite for some time. Then he said with a wry smile- Don't mind sir. But all my life I have been looked at with disgust by a lot of my Hindu friends because I eat beef. So much so that I gave up eating beef for a time. But at least I do not treat the cows like this. I might be a cow eating individual, but at least I do not mistreat them. Why is my way thought to be wrong and the Hindu way thought to be right then?

I frankly had no answer. I am religiously unsound, and well, so were the other colleagues in the cab. They conveniently plugged earphones into their ears and escaped the debate. I had forgotten mine in office the previous day and all i could do was look out of the window and look at stray cows looking back at me with kind and foolish expression in their eyes. Thankfully, the cab driver raised the volume of the FM stereo and any further talk was drowned by Sheila ki jawani!

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  1. true..we are a bunch of hypocrites..thats why we do not have an answer to that question..